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July Newsletter

As usual, lots on the go for Freedom's Gate at this time of year.


First order of business: a new trailer. Not sure if any of you remember hearing about when our door came flying off in a gas station parking lot, when the hinges broke loose? That trailer is gone now, and we've been searching for a new one since May. Well, we finally found the right fit, but we are about $3,000 short of the $7,000 price tag. Naturally, we launched a few incentives and fundraisers to meet our goal. These include: Wine Survivor, a Barnwood Art Raffle, a Swag Draw, and the opportunity for businesses to sponsor us with an Advertising Spot on our new trailer and banner. The key to success with any fundraiser is awareness, so please donate, and even if you don't, share with your friends and family! We sincerely appreciate every bit of support.

Thank you to our Volunteers!

It was a beautiful night to be loading hay, and fantastic people to help! Thank you Ardel Krogh for facilitating our deal on hay and allowing it to be stacked at your home! Thank you Barbara and Dennis Gosselin for making the mistake of showing up at Carly's house when we were about to leave to pick up 200 bales of hay!! Your help was amazing, and so was the use of your truck! Carly's husband, Glen Jones, who made the mistake of marrying her and now gets suckered in time after time to help with the horses!! And of course us SUPER suckers, Shawnee and Carly that would have had to do this on our own if no one stepped up! This is only 198 bales of hay ($990). We still need about 1800 more bales and $10,000!!

New Arrivals

We just picked up a couple more horses from Douglas Lake Ranch: a 10 year old mare and a 3 year old stud (pending gelding on Tuesday). We don't know much about them yet, but the mare has a tattoo from the track, and the stud is halter trained only. They are not yet available for adoption, but stay tuned.

Feature Horse of the Month: Mocha

Mocha is a stunning 8-year-old bay mare who was previously feral. She stands 14.2hh and has an adorable star and snip and a gorgeous mane. She is beautifully put together and has lovely movement. Mocha is a little nervous around people, but once she bonds with her person we are confident she will love being doted on. She is sensitive, tries hard and wants to please, so she needs a gentle, patient handler. She is halter trained and lifts her feet for trimming.

See more about Mocha, and all of the horses at the rescue, on our Horses in our Care page.

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