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Training Program

Freedom's Gate realizes that a horses best chance at a great life is training. We have come up with a program that will encourage trainers to work with rescue horses, and allow rescue horses to show their amazing abilities to the world. 

Rescues very often get horses into care that are unhandled or poorly handled and make it harder for them to be adopted by the general public. We will now offer these horses, free of charge, to Pre-Approved trainers to work with these horses over a pre determined period of time. We expect in return a minimum of monthly you tube videos to show the horses progress. If at the end of the training, the horse is not suitable for the facility, whether it be pony club, lessons horse etc. The horse can then be rehomed. Freedom's Gate will then receive the original adoption fee of the horse, or 50% or the sale price, whichever is less.

We feel this will open the door for several horses that would have been overlooked by most people! It also gives trainers the opportunity to show off their skills!!


Lacey was left behind when her owners moved away, so she came into our care in February of 2019.  At this time we had no idea how old she was or what her training was. We figured she should be in her early to middle teen. We also had the feeling at she was undersaddle, but needed a refresher. Lacey has a jaw deformation that caused her teeth to wear odd, and made putting a bit in her mouth not possible. Because of this and her age, we offered Lacey into the Training Program. Since then Lacey has made an amazing life for herself! Lacey went to a facility where she learned how to be a great riding horse. 

She is now thriving in her training program and is being used as a lesson pony and she LOVES it. 

We bought Abri at an auction in Alberta in February 2019. When she arrived she was exceptionally underweight, her feet were in poor shape and she was afraid of people. Over the next few months we gave her time to put on weight and learn to trust people.  When spring arrived Abri fell in love with one of the babies that was born at the facility. Abri and Bailey (the baby) played really cute together. 
June 2019, we felt that Abri was now healthy enough to start our training with her. 
Abri did really well but definitely required more desensitization and ground work. We felt the training program would work well for Abri.
Abri went to a young lady, who did an awesome job with her. Abri doing really well on her way to having a jumper career.

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