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Tack Auction

We called it our "Tack Auction", but it is so much more then that!
You can buy nearly everything for your horse and even non horse related items!
From feed buckets and fences parts, to brushes and boots, saddle pads and saddles to clothing and blankets to art!

Everyone can find something that they need and have so much fun doing it!

If you are interested in our auction, have a look into our auction group on Facebook. This group is open for everyone. 


If you have items that you want to donate to the rescue, you can post the items yourself when we run the auction, or drop off at the rescue for us to do it! When items are donated to the rescue, if the item is needed by the rescue, we will keep it, otherwise the items are auctioned off to raise funds for the horses!

Our Tack Auction is run a few times per year.
Every Auction has multiple rounds (typically between 3-4 ) So if you miss the first round, you still can be part of the auction in the other rounds! 

The auction is a big fundraiser for us. Each auction raises around $ 5000, sometime more, sometimes less. So if you want to help the rescue and buy cool stuff, have a look at our auction!


Our next Auction starts:


Click on the button to get on the auction site


We will be getting a bin made for under this sign for donation drop off and pick up of auction items etc!

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