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November Newsletter

Well we are almost all the way through our second complete year as a registered Non Profit Society! It hasn't been easy, that is for sure. We have had our share of heartache and heartbreak this year to say the least.

Shawnee has left the rescue and a new board was formed. Carly continues to have the horses at her home for the most part with a couple of pastures we have been able to use throughout the summer months!

Linda Niel, Tammi Cote, Tammy Roshynski and Mary Lysohirka along with Carly Marchand-Jones make up the board of directors for our society. We are always open to answering any questions or concerns you may have for the rescue! In fact we welcome them! Our email is

We have said goodbye to Penny, Gemma, LaSola, and Serenity this year. They were all very amazing horses, and with us til the end. We will miss them dearly and remember them always.

We are looking forward to attending the Horsey Ladies Banquet again this year! It is on November 16th at the Spullumsheen Golf course. Last year we along with the BCSPCA large animal division shared over $8000 in donations that was raised by these amazing ladies!! Please visit their Facebook page at Okanagan Horsey Ladies!

We currently have 10 horses in care, and are prepared to go through winter with this amount. This can change at any moment, but we have found that typically what we have in November is what we will have in the new year as well! Usually the only horses we would be taking in over winter would be SPCA seizures. 10 horses is the max we would like to see over winter as we set up 100 bales of hay per horse. That is $6000-$10000 just for hay never mind the cost of the feed for the under weights, and oldies.

We appreciate all of your support! Stay tuned for upcoming fundraisers etc!!

LaSola & Penny

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