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Ramping up for Winter!

Freedom's Gate is ramping up for Winter!! We currently have 15 horses in our care that will need to be fed! Each horse goes through approximately 80-100 bales every winter. That is 1200-1500 bales of hay!! We do our best to get hay a cheap as possibly but it still ranges from $5-$8 per bale. When we do the math, that works out to a minimum of $6000 and all the way up to $12,000!! This amount will cover just healthy easy keepers! We also pay out for Beetpulp, Step 6, Step 8, Rice Bran, Minerals, Salt Licks, hoof trimming, Vet bills etc.

If anyone can donate Hay, any of the feed listed above, or even cash, it is so very appreciated!! We are a Registered Non Profit, Charitable Society 735308298RR0001

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