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Wine Survivor

Wine!!!! Did somebody say Wine???

Lets all have some fun with our next fundraiser!

We are hosting a Wine Survivor Island contest.

All proceeds go to Freedom’s Gate Equine Rescue. The entry fee is $20 cash and a bottle of any wine. You may enter as many times as you like but each entry of $20 and a bottle of wine gets your name on to Wine Survivor Island five times.

Your entry must be e-transfered or given in person to either Shawnee or Carly.


You can still enter by sending $20 plus money for a bottle of wine and we will go purchase it for you OR you can call our local Hideaway Liquor Store (250-832-8828) and buy over the phone and they will hold the wine for us. We can accept entries anywhere between Salmon Arm to Maple Ridge, Kelowna, Kamloops, Sicamous, Lumby (and all areas between Salmon Arm and those cities).

The first cut-off day for entries will be July 25th 2018.

This means that starting July 26th, a recorded draw will occur and 5-10 names will be removed at random from the Wine Survivor Island bucket. This will continue every day until one name is left. Don't fret! If all your name entries have been removed you will have a few extra days after we start removing names to enter another $20 and a bottle of wine to keep yourself on the island. The final cut off day will be Aug. 10th. At the end of this day NO new entries can be made to be back on Wine Survivor Island. Every day we will continue to pull 10 names until only one name remains. The last name standing wins the wine!!!!!

If we get over 75 bottles we will ad a second place and if we can get over 100 bottles of wine we will ad in a 3rd place so your chances of winning will increase.

Our local Buckerfields has donated a huge wheelbarrow to hold all the bottles of wind for this fundraiser so not only do you win wine you also win a wheelbarrow!

Now go to your local liquor store or your wine cooler or wine shelf and grab that bottle of wine and come find us to enter! **Must be 19+ to play

* Not the actual wine or wheelbarrow

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